Message from the President

2020 will be another year of growth and more officiating opportunities for NCPTUA. We continue to grow our base of clients we serve. We are working with multiple collegiate conferences and are reaching out to others to help provide quality officiating service. We are expanding our geographic foot print into other states where the opportunities make sense for our membership.

Our membership consists of over 90 officials. Our experience levels range from 30 year veterans who have worked professional and NCAA events down to new officials that have been paired with mentors to develop their talents and bring them along. NCPTUA welcomes all levels of officials from those wanting to work professional and collegiate events to those only interested in the local grass root events. We have officials working 12 months out of the year and some who only work weekends in the summer. All are welcome.

Please reach out to us if you have an interest in pursuing tennis officiating at its finest. Hope to see you on the courts!

Russ Parmele

North Carolina Professional Tennis Umpires Association       
January 2020